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7 Qualities of the Best People in Finance and Accounting | Clarity  Recruitment

A finance company is a company that is primarily concerned with lending money to individuals and charges them interest when they are paying back. Financial companies get their profits from the interest paid by borrowers. They act as intermediaries between savers and borrowers, making it possible to transfer funds from savers to borrowers. The companies facilitate financial transactions in an economy by bringing together those who need funds and those who can supply them. By offering funds to those in need, financial companies help raise these people’s standards of living. To select a reliable finance company to help you with your finance needs, visit online reviews sites such as have a look at the reviews and choose the positively reviewed companies. This will help you select reputable finance companies. Good finance companies should always be in good standing both operationally and financially. This article highlights some of the factors that finance companies should posses

1.  Savings Mobilization.

A good financial company should encourage people to save. By depositing money with financial institutions, you help them achieve financial stability. This stability is important in promoting mobilization of savings and enabling the finance companies to provide funds even to the low and middle-income persons. For investments to increase, a financial company ought to be stable and have enough savings.

2.  controlled credit.

Controlled credit is a lending strategy that financial companies employ when lending money to their customers. A good financial company ensures that credit is channelled appropriately to match the development needs of a nation. A good financial company should have control over the flow of the credit it offers.

3.  System co-ordinate.

A good finance company should be able to cater to the diverse financial needs of various economic sectors. For efficiency and productivity to be achieved, there ought to be healthy competition across different financial companies. They should complement each other.

4.  Progressive and trained administration.

Finance companies should have adequate control over their systems to achieve progressive administration. Their administrative actions must comply with productivity standards that help achieve high profitability and enable proper and efficient customer relations and service.

5.  Conducive to the country’s economic conditions.

A good finance company ought to identify sources that generate the resources they need for their day to day operation. They should efficiently direct the flow of savings and investments in the economy to enable capital accumulation and the production of goods and services. By stimulating investments and savings, finance companies reduce capital loss, thereby boosting economic growth.

  • Modernization.

A good finance company should be exposed to modernization. It should be integrated with developed nations’ systems as part of the globalization of the different economic structures in various countries. Such a company should form good relations and get acquitted with growth programmes that result in a nation’s development.

7.  Quality of earnings.

This heavily determines the status of a company. A good financial company should record increasing earnings and revenues with declining costs. Some of the measures that … Read More..